Interglobal 21st-Century Mall

Welcome to the
Interglobal 21st Century Mall

Have you "been there, done that"?

Tired of the standard cruises, treks, packaged tours, etc.?

Perhaps you're an investor looking for a stake in the commercial space and travel industries of the future. Or a space entrepreneur seeking the necessary hardware boutiques and support services for a satellite or launch vehicle development.

Check out the 21st-century experiences, services and business opportunities available in our mall stores, including space tourism, supersonic aircraft flights, commercial space service companies, and launch tours.

July 20th is almost here! Celebrate the 32nd anniversary of the first lunar landing at Evoloterra.

Interglobal and the Sophron Foundation have just published a paper on the prospects for near-term space tourism, including technical options, policy impediments, and potential solutions and recommendations. Start at the title page.

For space tourist services, start out with Interglobal Space Lines, Inc., the one-stop shop for all of your space tourism needs.

For high-tech tourism, select one of our unique high-tech experience stores:

Interglobal Space Lines, Inc.
(Zero-G Experiences in the U.S.)
Incredible Adventures
(Supersonic Fighter Flights and Zero-G Experiences in Russia)

As we populate our Commercial Space Showcase, entrepreneurs will find everything needed here to build and use launchers and satellites. Our first tenants are:

Kelly Space & Technology, Inc.
(New Reusable Air Launched Concept)
HMX, Inc.
(Propulsion Systems and an Orbital Helicopter!)

Other Neat 21st-Century-Type Stuff (Life Extension, Nanotechnology, Artificial Life, Etc.)
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